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Services Offered / Sector:

  • VAT advice
  • Business Plans
  • Accountancy
  • Gift Aid

Our Experience

Our specialist team has provided Heritage Trust Network members with advice for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the building preservation trust sector.

CT: Accountants Advisers offer member trusts a free, initial hour consultation on VAT, tax and accountancy matters, following which the trust will be provided with a written summary of the advice and a detailed quote if any follow-up work is involved. (Details of this offer can be found on the Member Services page in Toolkit.)

Trusts contact CT at various stages of their project and queries can range from simply confirming current understanding, to giving an approximate estimate on the potential VAT recovery of a project.

The firm also provides advice to members on business plans, accountancy software packages and accounting practices.

Areas Covered:

  • Nation wide
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