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This page is a work in progress.

Below you can find a helpful jargon buster for terminology you might come across in your utility bills and contracts.

Jargon Busting in the Energy World

Navigating the world of Energy can be extremely challenging. There are terms and acronyms thrown around that just don’t make sense.

Utility Aid (Partner Plus members) aim to break all of this down, so things are made simple, empowering you to make decisions on behalf of your organisation.

You can can Utility Aid in our Talent Bank.

Use the link on the left to download some of the key terms you may hear when exploring utilities. Or click here to download


This toolkit is intended to be used as general guidance only and all advice is given in good faith. Neither Heritage Trust Network nor its specialist contributors can accept any responsibility for any liability arising from its use in any given context. We would recommend that further legal advice is taken before application of the guidance/use of the documents in specific circumstances.